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Decentralized Systems: Education and Implementation

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Due to you-know-what, All meetings will be held you-know-where. Thanks!

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When: Tuesday, September one-th, 7:00 PM, 2020, RIT-Time.

Where: Online! Zoom! Whoooo!

Topic: Introduction to the club and the basics of Blockchain! We'll get everyone excited before we deep-dive into the technicals in later meetings.

Difficulty: As easy as joining an online meeting.

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What is BTCRIT?

We are a club at RIT focused decentralized systems and their use cases.

  • Cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin)
  • Blockchain
  • Torrents, IRC, and other things

In our weekly meetings, we talk about how these things work and what you can do with them (including trading!)

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Outside of meetings, we keep in touch via Group texts and a top-secret Discord server. I'm not about to put my phone number up here, so I guess the Discord will have to do.

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