BTCRIT Meetings


Our meetings are typically on Thursdays at 7pm, in GOL-2690. If any meetings are in a different location or time, it will be noted, like, all over the place.

We do have a top-secret google doc with the plans in it - But plans are changing almost daily, so new content will be added here 2 weeks in advance at the earliest.



January 24th: Dan will be gave us a rundown of different dApp Platforms.

January 17th: Ethan said Hello and gave a quick rundown of Ethereum Blockchain mechanics. There was lots of discussion.

January 17th Slides


We're working on uploading a backlog of presentations

September 27th: Ethan did a presentation on Trading, covering market indicators and showing off a few custom scripts.

September 27th Slides 4Chan /biz/ word scraping script Toby the Trade Bot. 90M zip expands to 600M+

September 20th: Hector tought us all about MimbleWimble, and proposal for enhanced blockchain efficiency and privacy. This talk was very technical.

September 20th Slides

September 13th: Ryan went over the History of Blockchain, from Pre-Bitcoin to the results of the scaling debate.

September 6th: Joe told us about the Lightning Network - what it is and how it works. It's early in the year, so we used plenty of analogies and avoided (most) of the in-depth cryptography.

September 6th Slides

August 29th: Yearly Start-up meeting. Introductions, Hello!, news, general club operations. Afterwards, Joe told us about how blockchain worked from a high level.

August 29th Slides