BTCRIT Meetings


The club meets Monday nights in person, in GOL-2690. Remote options are available upon request, or if the University's pandemic response plan requires us to.

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Please check out our wiki for updated info on meeting topics.


Spring 2020

2020-03-03: Lucas discussed dApps and DeFi, along with a demo.

dApps and DeFi

2020-02-18 Dan discussed the history of cryptocurrencies and helped us understand what the heck is going on with all of these coin forks.

Dan's Website Hosts the presentation in Vue

2020-02-18 Sergio discussed ways to keep your crypto currencies and personal privacy safe by practicing good application security. He showed us some interesting examples of ways companies and governments monitor us.

Privacy and Security Slides

2020-02-11: Guest Speaker! Mike Colyer from Digital Currency Group gave a fantastic presentation of his career and entry into the blockchain ecosystem.

2020-02-04: Lucas discussed the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). How it works, what it is, IPFS use cases, along with a demo.

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)

2020-01-28: Ethan introduced the club and a high-level view of how blockchains in general work.

First meeting of the semester - slide deck


February 21st: We prepared for the career fair by reviewing resumes, and discussing the benefits of mentioning blockchain. We also took a look at JPM coin. No slides for this meeting.

JPM Coin

February 14th: Ethan showed us the progress so far on the TEDx Demo. We also talked a bit about data privacy.

The Demo on Github

February 7th: Sergio told us how he blocks JS mining at the network level with custom firewall rules

This link doesn't go anywhere - Sergio, I need the link to the slides!

January 24th: Dan gave "Intro to dApps and stuff", an overview of different dApp Platforms

January 17th: Ethan said Hello and gave a quick rundown of Ethereum Blockchain mechanics. There was lots of discussion.

January 17th Slides


We're working on uploading a backlog of presentations

September 27th: Ethan did a presentation on Trading, covering market indicators and showing off a few custom scripts.

September 27th Slides 4Chan /biz/ word scraping script Toby the Trade Bot. 90M zip expands to 600M+

September 20th: Hector tought us all about MimbleWimble, and proposal for enhanced blockchain efficiency and privacy. This talk was very technical.

September 20th Slides

September 13th: Ryan went over the History of Blockchain, from Pre-Bitcoin to the results of the scaling debate.

September 6th: Joe told us about the Lightning Network - what it is and how it works. It's early in the year, so we used plenty of analogies and avoided (most) of the in-depth cryptography.

September 6th Slides

August 29th: Yearly Start-up meeting. Introductions, Hello!, news, general club operations. Afterwards, Joe told us about how blockchain worked from a high level.

August 29th Slides